Friday, November 6, 2009

WOW! Forgot about this blogger thing!!

well.. facebook kinda took over and we forgot about this blog! We wanna keep up to date with it now. Simonne is still in school, but she will be done shortly :) and is in mexico as im writing this (lucky) :).. As for me (britt) im currently looking for a job, I have had like5 so far already, soo hopefully ill get something soon! When Simonne gets back she will post pics from CABO!! Untill then.. these will have to do!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Grandparents Dinner!

We took my grandparents out for their anniversery! We went to a japanize/ hibatchie dinner.. it was soooo much fun! and then after went to the melting pot! I have no pics of jocelyn up here! so i will have to get some more pics from her camera!


Tyler, Mariann, Matt and I went to the musuem and the new titanic exibit.. We met up with Mitch at the musuem.. It was lots of fun... as you can see

At the old milwaukee exibitWhat a stud muffin!!!! :)

We were trying to find mariann and she was up in the window! LOL

is matt scared??? ou la la POSERS!!


Here are pics of baby josephine! Shes getting adopted today by jenni and phil!!! Shes SOOO CUTE

Monday, October 27, 2008

Chili Hike Weekend!

A group of us went to see eagle eye and me and court got a little side tracked lol

Here are some pics from our chili hike